Oxidised PAN & Carbonisation

Through our many years of expertise in fibre and fabric processing, we have focused on providing integrated processes and services for the Oxidation and Carbonisation industry associated with the production of oxidised pan fibres and carbon fibres.

Oxidation and Carbonisation, as illustrated, involves a number of products and processes that are core capabilities for Cygnet Texkimp:

By combining products into an integrated system for the complete mechanical cold package, we are solely responsible for all mechanical touch points for carbon fibre processing.  This integrated system allows us to offer extended performance guarantees to the owner/operator of the carbon fibre production systems. Single source supply with performance guarantees can greatly minimise the risk of carbon fibre production.

Cygnet Texkimp’s extended performance guarantees for the complete mechanical cold package include:

By supplying a complete mechanical cold package, we are ideally positioned to collaborate with thermal OEM integrators and EPC engineering firms to ensure the success of carbon fibre production systems.

We maintain a comprehensive service team, with many years of hands on production experience, for the installation, commissioning and optimisation of oxidised pan and carbon fibre production systems.

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