thermoplasticThermoplastic pre-preg lines make use of a polymer system that has reoccurring plasticity with heat.  The polymer can be heated and reheated multiple times, and typically flows as a liquid when hot.  The use of thermoplastics in composites is less wide-spread than thermoset polymers & resins.  Thermoplastics are seen as a lower cost, higher production rate alternative to the traditional thermoset pre-pregs, particularly given that thermoset pre-pregs, β-stage materials, have a limited shelf life, require temperature controlled storage, and contain hazardous/noxious materials.

Thermoplastic pre-pregs generally  have:

Process Speed 0-20m/min
Product Width 6″ (150mm) wide to 70″ (1780mm) or greater
Temperature Up to 450C (850F)
Materials Fibre Glass, Carbon, Aramid
Polymer PEEK, PPS, Nylon, PP, PES
Various forms of polymer (film, pellet, powder, fillet, liquid) can be applied

Cygnet Texkimp maintains both thermoset and thermoplastic testing lines at its research and development laboratory.  This pilot laboratory equipment is available for use by our clientele to enable their process/product developments and process evaluations.

Thermoset is a pre-preg option that is more commonly used in industry and is an alternative Thermoplastic pre-prefs.

Follow this link to a CompositesWorld article on Thermoset and Thermoplastic as further background information.

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