ThermosetThermoset pre-preg lines are the most common type of resin system used.  Thermoset resins require heat to cure the resin.  As such, the resin system is sensitive to thermal inputs and times of processing at temperature.  Thermoset pre-preg lines produce a material referred to as β-stage (beta-stage) pre-preg that, once produced, requires refrigeration to hinder additional curing of the of the pre-preg.  Beta stage pre-preg typically has a storage temperature and a shelf life that must be monitored.

Thermoset pre-pregs generally have:

Process Speed 0-20m/min
Product Width Up to 70″ (1780mm) wide and greater
Temperature Up to 200C (392F)
Materials Fibre Glass, Carbon, Aramid
Polymer Epoxy, Vinyl polyester, Phenolics, Bismaleimides
Various forms of polymer (film, powder, liquid) can be applied

Cygnet texkimp maintains both thermoset and thermoplastic testing lines at its research and development laboratory.  This pilot laboratory equipment is available for use by our clientele to enable their process / product developments and process evaluations.

Thermoplastic is a prepreg option that is available as an alternative Thermoset prepregs.

Follow this link to a CompositesWorld article on Thermoset and Thermoplastics as further background information.


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