Thermal recycling (pyrolysis) of composites involves the thermal destruction (burn-off) of the polymer and recovery of the fibres embedded within the composite.  Thermal recycling of composites usually involves:

As the fibres recovered from recycled composites are usually disordered (random orientation and length)  and of slightly lower physical properties than the virgin fibre counterpart, it is common to combine thermal recycling and recovery of fibre with a chopping and/or milling operation in order to convert the recycled fibre into a uniform feed stock.

For integrated composite recycling lines, the thermal process is either manufactured by Cygnet Texkimp or supplied by a 3rd party collaborator.  Waste gas management is supplied by 3rd party collaborators and integrated into the overall process.  For the integrated recycling lines supplied by us, we will take process responsibility for the function of complete system.

Often the final design of the recycling system is centered around a particular feed stock, control of the feed materials to the system is imperative.


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