Over End Creel

Cygnet Texkimp Over End creels are designed for unwinding a packages of material from a stationary position.  A primary feature of many of the over end creels is the use of a swing arm to assist in pulling the material over the end of a horizontally or vertically mounted package.  The over end creels can be designed for running on either a continuous or a block load basis.  For continuous yarn take off, the creel can also be supplied with automatic transfer between running and reserve packages.

Process Beaming, Warping, Coating, Twisting Lines, Pultrusion
Filament Winding, Impregnation, Direct Weaving, Knitting, Coating Lines
Materials/Applications Any fibre where twist is acceptable or desirable and continuous running is required
Typical Speed Limited by process and yarn type
Unwinding Type: Overend. Internal or external unwind. Continuous running or block loading

Yarn path:
a) Vertically to the guide eyelet above each package and then horizontally through guides or tubes
b) Horizontally to a guide eyelet in front of each package
c) Horizontal through swing arm, with either inside or outside yarn sheets

Typical Arrangement Customisable, trolley or fixed design
Packages Type: Cheeses, Bottles and Cones
Dia: Up to 450mm (18″)
Weight: Up to 30kgs (66lbs)
Other weights and diameters can be accommodated
Features available Very rigid welded and bolted framework
Defined yarn paths with high quality guidance
Wide range of tension units available for this creel, including S-wrap static bars
Low maintenance requirements
Bobbin locking device
Anti-balloon wires or sheets
Adjustable guide system for different tube sizes
Closed eyelet or quick thread guides down length of creel
Smooth continuous vertical balloon surfaceSwing arms are a steel fabrication with nylon pivot bearings
Bolt on design allows easy replacement in the event of damage
Swing arm is rigidly braced against the upright when in the loading position – allowing the operator to use two hands
Hinged arm design provides an inclined package holder
Single or Double package support spindles arms

Optional Extras:

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