Handling & Automation

Cygnet Texkimp have an ever expanding range of handling and automation solutions. We are able to meet the growing demand for larger packages and faster production methods in the technical textiles industry. Our handling solutions are designed to manipulate packages of yarns and fibres weighing up to 1000 kgs, whilst our automated packaging lines are able to increase production rates and improve quality.

Offering a full bespoke service; from design to installation, we work alongside our clients to develop solutions suitable for their plant, budget and ambitions.

A bespoke solution from Cygnet Texkimp might include one, or more, of the following;

Manipulators – our ‘Lifter-Loaders’ are designed to lift large/heavy packages (i.e. PAN Bobbins, Barrel Drums etc). Power-Assisted controls allow for ease of movement and remove risk of operator injury. Creels can be loaded by using pre-programmed positions on the Lifter-Loader set at suitable heights for the operator to then easily manoeuver on to the package holder. Cameras in the probe ensure perfect alignment and remove possibility of damaging the Creel.

Winder Unloading – Robotic arms with bespoke grippers collect bobbins from the winder on the internal diameter of the core, ensuring no damage is caused to the material. Synchronisation with the winder system ensures precision timing, new cores added to the winder automatically and complete bobbins transferred to storage, or, palletized. Labour savings of up to 80% are not uncommon.

Creel Loading – Similar to Winder Unloading, robots can be fixed in situ or on a track (7th Axis) while mobile creel modules are moved into position for loading. This helps to minimise downtime and maintain production levels.

Material Lifts – Multi-level lifts speed up transportation between different levels in any facility. Integrating seamlessly with conveyor systems and warehouse storage solutions, ensuring safety is at the core of the design.

AGV – Utilizing state of the art vehicles and guidance systems (GPS, Laser and Wire) to transport product via pre-determined routes. All AGV’s are fitted with state of the art safety systems to prevent collisions and allow movement of pedestrians in and around the operating area of the vehicle.

Other solutions available include;

Robots, Palletising, Wrapping, Labelling, Barcoding, Conveyors