Wide Web Converting


Prepreg Lines

Cygnet Texkimp is a global leader in the supply of UD and fabric Prepreg lines for the composites industry.  Our machinery features the most rigorous design tolerances and standards, to produce composite materials of the highest quality.  We deliver lines to composites manufacturers supplying a wide spectrum of markets including aerospace, automotive and sporting goods.


Filming and Coating

We also manufacture filming and coating equipment and lines that can be used as part of the Prepreg manufacturing process.  Our solutions include knife-over-roll, forward roll and reverse roll coating, and can be used in -line or as stand-alone equipment.


Wide Web Converting

Our extensive knowledge of wide web converting enables us to provide bespoke solutions to the international converting industry.  Technologies include slitters, spoolers, coaters, laminators, unwinds, rewinds and special purpose machinery.


Upgrades and Retrofits

The scale of our expertise and equipment in this area means we can offer our customers a comprehensive evaluation and upgrade service to adapt and improve the efficiency of their processes and machinery.  We provide a range of design, manufacture, installation and training services.