• The Cygnet Texkimp Composite creels are designed for the unwinding of high performance multifilament packages into a large range of low and high speed downstream processes. Each creel is specifically designed and configured to accommodate the maximum number and diameter of packages, individual fibre, process and site requirements.

  • Driven unwind creel systems are a motorised spindle with tension control on each position, by use of a dancer arm mechanism. The drive motor is controlled using a signal feed-back from the dancer arm. The design concept is modular, allowing great flexibility over the layout, positioning of spindles and dancer arm. This system ensures the tension control is not affected by the changes in package size, acceleration or process speed.

  • Cygnet Texkimp Over End creels are designed for unwinding packages of material from a stationary position. A primary feature of many of the over end creels is the use of a swing arm to assist in pulling the material over the end of a horizontally or vertically mounted package. The over end creels can be designed for running on either a continuous or a block load basis. For continuous yarn take off, the creel can also be supplied with automatic transfer between running and reserve packages.

  • The Cygnet Texkimp creels for polymeric tapes (poly tapes) incorporate unique patented designs for unwinding extruded tapes and monofilaments. Unwinding can occur from a variety of package types with various levels of control and sophistication. Each position is equipped with tension compensation and quick stop braking control, to ensure even running tension and quick stopping without over-tensioning or breaking any of the running ends.

  • Unwinding technology for Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) tow into a carbon fibre oxidation & carbonisation process. Cygnet Texkimp’s unique VHD CREEL design is the world leading technology for the processing of multi-filament precision wound packages into the ox-carb process.

    Cygnet Texkimp currently have in excess of 15,000 operational spindles installed globally. The layout of these large creels is designed over multiple levels to minimise their foot print and offering bespoke configurations. Integrated robotics and handling equipment is often included to minimise process down time and minimises fibre damage during loading.

  • The Cygnet Texkimp Tyre Cord creels are fixed position or mobile creels for unwinding tirecord from random, or precision cross-wound packages. The tyre cord creels feature a wide variety of available features to customise the creel for unwinding applications, such as into tyre cord weaving processes or treatment lines.

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