• Designed specifically for use with thermoset UD prepreg,  our slitting and spooling equipment gives the customer control of production costs, quality and logistics making the process more efficient and profitable.

    Our slitting and spooling technique produces FOD free product.

    Prepreg reclamation allows un-slit section of full width master roll to be rewound and reused for multiple passes.

    Single spooling module with four winding heads expandable to forty eight heads

  • Slitting and edge trimming units complement our range of web converting equipment, whether it be multi slit tapes or trim to width. Slitting methods available include rotary shear, crush cut and razor. Edge trim winders and venturi trim removals available. Suitable for a wide range of products including plastics, films, foils, foams, adhesive and non-adhesive High speed slitting at speeds in excess of 450 m/min
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