Driven Unwind Creel

Driven unwind creel systems are a motorized spindles with tension control of each position by use of a dancer arm mechanism.  The drive motor is controlled using a signal fed-back from the dancer arm.  The design concept is modular, allowing great flexibility over the layout, positioning of spindles, dancer arms and electronic controls.  This system ensures the tension control is not affected by the changes in package size or winding speed.

Process Any process requiring:
high accuracy of unwinding tension
accurate tension control (high or low tension)
Sudden or complex speed changes
Materials/Applications Most common in applications for composites processing (aramids, glass, carbon fibre)
Any material or application requiring precision in tension control
Typical Speeds 1m/min to 500m/min
Unwinding Type: Unrolling
Yarn Path: Horizontal/Vertical
Typical Arrangement Supplied in modular form or custom made frame
Left or right hand take-off
Typical Specification Tension settings: Low or high tension settings to suit process
Acceleration: To suit process
Max package weight: 25kgs (55lbs) for light duty (e.g. composite applications)
500 kgs (110lbs) for very heavy duty applications (e.g. precursor)
Tension accuracy: Better than ±5%
Features Available Accurate tension setting and control via dancer arm
Constant tension output as package runs from full to empty
Bi-directional drive for precise tension control during acceleration and deceleration.Wide range of package holders and guide systems available
Individual start / stop controls for each drive, central power isolator, circuit protection, safety relay and emergency stop button.Central tension control, manual or automatic via touch screen display, with extended tension ranges over standard dancer.
Over tension monitoring and end break detection incorporated into dancer arm control systemSystem set point and operating tensions can be managed from control system.Manual operation or auto operation, with line health & status updated to control systemClosed loop tension control from integrated load cell
Available to IP65 (dust protection for use with carbon fibre)
Mounted on a frame or on a robot.

Optional Extras:

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