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Cygnet Texkimp has worked at the forefront of the fibre processing and handling market for over 40 years.

Cygnet Texkimp was founded in 1974 by British textile engineer, Colin Smith, to manufacture fibre unwinding creels for the traditional textile market. A trailblazer from the start, Texkimp, as it was then known, soon diversified into the advanced fibres and composites market, creating some of the first ever carbon fibre creels for early adopters in the 1970’s military aerospace sector.

Over four decades on, Cygnet Texkimp is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art fibre processing equipment, supplying the most advanced markets in the world including aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sporting goods and industrial.

All of our machines are still developed and manufactured at our UK headquarters, where we operate a world-class programme of R&D and welcome customers to trial our technologies in a secure environment. It is here that our exceptional teams of talented engineers work alongside experienced product specialists to bring to market an expanding portfolio of custom-built, next-generation technologies.

A look into our history

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Working in Partnership

We create long-term partnerships with customers and other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that deliver greater value and benefit than standard customer-supplier relationships.

We offer unparalleled levels of flexibility and innovative approaches to working together in order to support our customers’ business objectives and allow our partners to benefit commercially and technically from our core strengths.

This approach includes working under complete confidentiality with customers who seek extra practical assistance and expertise as they develop their in-house processes.


We design, build and install handling equipment, creels and processing lines for the global markets, including:

  • Aerospace – structural and non-structural components, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs
  • Automotive – multi-axis fabrics, 3D Weaving, polypropylene fibre processes, thermoplastic processes, structural and non-structural components
  • Industrial Sectors – wind, rail, marine CNG storage, sporting goods
  • Traditional Textiles
  • Geo-textiles – permeable and semi-permeable wovens and heat-bonded fabrics
  • Tyre Cord – polyamide, polyester, viscose/rayon, high-modulus low-shrinkage yarns
  • Emerging materials – special projects and bespoke manufacturing

Trade organisation memberships

At Cygnet Texkimp we have a range of qualified, experienced staff, hold a variety of accreditations and are members of relevant trade organisations:

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Composites UK is the Trade Body for the UK composites industry.  Their aim is to support the industry so that it may continue to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production.

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Successful innovation needs a foundation of experience and expertise, and UK textile machinery firms are known for their leadership in technology development in all areas of textile production.

Virtually all of today’s textile manufacturing processes – from the carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, tufting and nonwoven bonding of fibres through to advanced colouration, finishing and printing techniques – can be traced back to British patents and research and development somewhere along the line.

The country’s vast textile machinery heritage puts many of the BTMA members at the forefront of their fields.