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3D Winder

Cygnet Texkimp’s 3D Winder is a robotic filament winding machine designed to produce complex, non-linear – or curved – parts in varying cross sections and with a high degree of precision.

This high-speed machine combines rotation and fibre-feed in one mechanism that is robotically moved around a static mandrel, winding as it goes. The 3D Winder is capable of winding carbon fibre at a rate of 1 kg/min or more, which means it can wind an aircraft spar, for example, in minutes or create a 150-mm diameter part by laying down roughly 7.5 m of fibre in every revolution.

Examples of parts that can be made on the 3D Winder include aerospace fuel lines, crash beams for automobiles, hydrogen fuel cells, oil and gas pipes, wind-turbine blades and aircraft fuselages, although its potential uses are limitless.

This machine is ideally suited for use with an automated production cell – including robotic loading and unloading technology – to improve process efficiency as part of an integrated manufacturing system.

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