Converting is the name given to a process that changes the form of a continuous sheet of material. Common examples of converting include coating, laminating, embossing, impregnating, slitting, calendaring and printing.

The continuous sheet is usually fed into the process from a pre-wound reel carried on an unwind and the converted material is then rewound to form a new reel.

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 Our laminating technology is precision-engineered to very high tolerances to achieve accurate coat-weights and gap setting..


Our embossing technology can be used to process a range of materials  with a thickness of just 10 microns up to 2mm…

Prepreg Tape Slitting (AFP/ATL)

Our machines make carbon fibre prepreg tape more accessible to a wider cross-section of the market….

Slitting & Rewinding

Our high speed slitting and rewinding machines are suitable for a variety of materials; plastics, films & more..