Cygnet Texkimp is committed to helping you find the right solution focused on the market you operate in. With customers across many sectors, our team of experts have continuously developed and evolved our technologies to ensure they meet the demands required.

We specialise in the design and build of a wide range of downstream technologies including laminators, coaters, slitters and prepreg machines, alongside associated fibre handling and automation technologies. In the last four years we have also launched a series of filament winding technologies, including high-speed, multi-axis and 3D winding machines.

From research and development and pilot lines, to tier 1 manufacturers, we build custom machines delivering engineering solutions across the globe.

Our commitment to continual improvement has earned us a reputation as one of our industry’s true innovators. We operate a busy programme of R&D at our innovation centre where we are working in partnership with world-leading scientists and academics to develop next-generation materials including strong, lightweight composite parts for automotive and aerospace.

Our technologies provide solutions in these key application areas:

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