Cygnet Texkimp is the largest independent manufacturer and supplier of fibre unwinding creels in the world. We’ve been designing and selling creels since 1974 and now supply several types of creel to suit a wide range of applications and industry sectors, from traditional textiles to aerospace-grade composites.

We offer an unwinding solution for every fibre processing application and our creels play a vital role in helping fibre processing and converting companies produce the highest quality fibres and materials.

Every creel we produce is specifically designed to meet our customer’s exact needs. However, each one features our unique fibre guiding and tension control systems to reliably manage the way in which fibres are unwound from the package and, where necessary, fed into downstream processes.

Cygnet Texkimp brochure

Tyre Cord Creels

Customisable tyre cord creels are used for high-speed unwinding of tyre cord…

Poly Tape Creels

Poly Tape Creels feature our unique patented design for high speed unwinding….

Composite & Flatline Creels

Composites creels are used to unwind carbon fibre, aramid, glass multi-filament fibres…

Driven Unwind Creels

Driven Unwind Creel is used in applications where the high levels of tension…

Over End Creels

Over End Creel uses a swing arm design to allow for quick and easy loading…

Precursor/PAN Creels

VHD Creel is the leading technology in the world for the unwinding of PAN…