Fibre unwinding technologies with high-performance tensioning and handling


High Speed Slitting & Spooling Technologies - all about the fibre


Thermoset Prepreg Lines from 12" to 70" for the Composites Industry - all about the fibre


Tailored Solutions for the Composites Industry - all about the fibre


Independent Specialist Creel Designer & Manufacturer - all about the fibre


10 GSM Coating Solutions for Aerospace Applications - all about the fibre

Cygnet Texkimp is a leading global provider of fibre handling and converting technology

We manufacture state-of-the-art machinery for the composites and high-performance fibre markets – our mission is to advance the technical performance of your fabrics

Cygnet Texkimp are an export-led British manufacturer supplying state-of-the-art handling and processing machinery to high-performance fibre and fabric industries. We design and build technologies to process technical fibres for worldwide markets in aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sporting goods and industrial.

Founded in 1974 to manufacture creels for the traditional textile industry, we have built our knowledge to become experts in the handling and processing of advanced fibres in the markets that we service today. Over four decades we have built a strong reputation for quality, service and technical expertise, and a network of long-standing customers and valued suppliers.

Today, more than 95% of our sales are made up of international export to over 30 countries and 100% of our machines are manufactured in the UK. We combine 45 years of engineering excellence with fresh, innovative thinking and a rigorous programme of R&D to bring to market a portfolio of award-winning, best-in-class machines which are custom-built for our customers.

We specialise in the design and build of a wide range of downstream technologies including laminators, coaters, slitters and prepreg machines, alongside associated fibre handling and automation technologies.

In the last four years we have also launched a series of filament winding technologies, including high-speed, multi-axis and 3D winding machines. Our commitment to continual improvement has earned us a reputation as one of our industry’s true innovators.

We operate a busy programme of R&D at our innovation centre in Cheshire in the North West of England where we are working in partnership with world-leading scientists and academics to develop next-generation materials including strong, lightweight composite parts for automotive and aerospace.

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Our Products & Services


Fibre unwinding technologies with high-performance tensioning and handling

Prepreg, Tow Preg & Spreaders

Engineering stronger, lighter carbon fibre prepregs, accurately and consistency


Adding value to your fibre using innovative coating, laminating, embossing & spreading technologies

Coating & Filming

High-tolerance coating and laminating technologies for ultra-low coat-weight results

Filament & Multi Axis Winding

High-tolerance coating and laminating technologies for ultra-low coat-weight results

Automation & Handling

Automated handling systems to reduce manual handling, improve processing speed

Recycling Solutions

We offer a number of solutions for the recovery and reuse of fibre from composite materials

Service & Maintenance

Service, maintenance, spares and upgrades delivered by experienced specialists