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AGV Systems

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) systems are programmed to carry out a series of activities around a factory, guided by sensors. Cygnet Texkimp’s AGV systems are most commonly used to transport large packages of fibre around a plant and control the inventory of large creel systems.

A modern carbon fibre line, for example, will process large packages of fibre weighing up to 500kg and could incorporate a creel spanning upwards of 1,000 positions. Our AGV systems can be used to load, unload, transport and manage the inventory of each package.

Robot-AGV Systems

Cygnet Texkimp’s AGV-mounted robotic handling system uses collaborative robots capable of lifting packages weighing up to 30kg, making it one of the strongest, safest and most flexible autonomous systems in the market.

Until recently, collaborative robots were only able to handle small payloads. Increased payload capacity, together with advances in AGV technology, have enabled us to develop a system that can lift and load large packages more easily and safely, including at height.

This system can be used for loading and unloading creels, winders, cabling and twisting machines, and shelving and racking structures. It can be programmed to follow a pre-determined route, which can be changed easily according to the task it needs to perform.

Safety is also an important feature of this solution, which overcomes many of the concerns associated with conventional industrial robots and allows it to work alongside people safely. Using laser scanners and encoders, the system is able to plot its exact location and detect obstructions that would cause it to slow down or stop moving immediately.

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