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Winder Tending Systems

Cygnet Texkimp’s Winder Tending Systems are robotic systems used to automatically load fibre unwinds or unload winders. These systems can communicate with the winders via a plc to determine when loading or unloading is required, and can extract other production information, such as wind length, date and time and product type. They can be customised to suit the application, but two main types exist:

  • Transfer car system – a robot mounted onto a transfer car is used to automatically load or unload winders.
  • Robot mounted linear track system – a robot installed onto a pit-mounted or overhead-mounted linear transfer system.

Full identification and traceability of each fibre bobbin is achieved by integrating the tending systems into the customer’s data management system. Bobbins are typically loaded or unloaded onto or from bespoke carts or pallets.

For more flexible winder unloading/loading capability, please see our range of Robot-AGV Systems.

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