We design, build and install handling equipment, creels and processing lines for the global markets, including:

In this way, we supply cost-effective, custom-engineered equipment, built with the correct level of accuracy, process control, temperature, tension and speed to process fibres, webs, non-wovens and pre-pregs with the right properties for their intended use.

By tailoring our offering, we are able to deliver equipment that can handle a wide range of fibres and fabrics for diverse uses, from mid-range textiles used in the carpet-backing industry to aerospace-grade, primary-structure components.

We are continually investing in new technology and offering customers greater capability than ever before. Considerable investment in this area has resulted in the development of several ground-breaking pieces of machinery, including our high-temperature thermoplastic line, glass unwinding creel and flat-tow package holder. Customers are invited to work in partnership with us to design offline trials of these technologies at our secure research and development centre.

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