At this year’s ICS, Cygnet Texkimp will highlight how its full-life-cycle fibre handling and converting solutions are adding value to the composites industry by increasing processing speeds and production rates, optimising quality and weight of materials and parts, and delivering viable solutions to end-of-life challenges.

The composites technology specialist and custom machine builder will feature its full range of prepreg, coating, slitting, filament winding, creel, recycling, and automation and handling technologies.

“Our mission is to follow the fibre from package to finished part, identifying where we can add value and applying our expertise to get the best from the fibre at every stage,” explains Luke Vardy, CEO of Cygnet Texkimp, which opened its UK-based Innovation Centre earlier this year to make its technologies available for trials aimed at de-risking customer investment and stimulating industry collaboration.

“As a technology partner, we’re focused on how we can support our customers through the entire downstream converting process with novel techniques that push the boundaries of what has been achieved before. Our Innovation Centre allows us to showcase the full extent of this capability.”

At ICS, the company will present its range of prepreg solutions – from its traditional hot-melt thermoset prepreg lines and innovative thermoplastic processing solution to the recently launched Multi Roll Stack, which is designed to deliver more sustainable, lower-cost thermoset prepregs and towpreg materials for high-volume markets.

It will also highlight its filament winding capability, which includes its high-speed 3D and Multi Axis Filament Winders to wind large components in high volumes; its high-tension winding solution for the manufacture of pressure vessels and high-speed motors; and its fully-automated filament winder, which combines expertise in automation and robotics to create a complete turnkey solution for the manufacture of composite parts while allowing manufacturers to move towards a lights off operation.

Visitors to the show will also be able to hear more about Cygnet Texkimp’s composites recycling technologies incorporating the DEECOM® Pressolysis materials reclamation solution, which has been developed to address the environmental impact of waste in the global composites manufacturing industry, when Cygnet Texkimp Product Director John Davidson presents an update on the technology at 12:00 on Thursday 7th September on the Centre Stage.