Cygnet Texkimp and partners B&M Longworth and the National Composites Centre have won the Innovation in Materials Award at the Composites UK 2022 Industry Awards.

The three organisations were recognised for their successful project to reclaim and unwind continuous fibre lengths from wound products – in this case from a composite hydrogen tank – using the innovative fibre recycling solution, DEECOM, before rewinding the fibres into a new tank.

DEECOM uses superheated steam to reclaim fibres and resins from end-of-life composite components and offers the potential for both elements to be reused in the manufacture of new parts. The solution is being developed and commercialised by Cygnet Texkimp alongside industry partner and technology inventor Longworth, to help overcome the challenges of waste and supply in the global composites industry.

The annual Composites UK Awards celebrate the achievements of the UK composites industry. This year’s ceremony took place at the Composites UK Industry Awards Dinner, which coincides with the Advanced Engineering Show, on 2nd November 2022 at the Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.

“We’re thrilled to have won this award alongside our partners Longworth and the National Composites Centre,” says Cygnet Texkimp CEO Luke Vardy.

“Huge thanks must go to Composites UK for a great evening celebrating the inspiring work of the British composites industry.”